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Holding Dog Owners Accountable For A Dog Bite

Suffering a dog bite can be a traumatic experience that leads to both physical and emotional scars. Understanding dog bite laws in Dallas and knowing your rights are crucial for victims seeking compensation for their injuries, and you can find the information and guidance you need from a skilled personal injury attorney.

At Link & Associates, our experienced lawyers are committed to helping our clients earn optimal results in their injury claims. We explore every option available in these cases by using our extensive knowledge of these laws to your advantage.

The Local Dog Bite Laws

In Dallas, and the broader state of Texas, dog bite liability falls under the “one bite rule.” This means that a dog owner may be held liable for injuries caused by their pet if they knew the dog had bitten someone before or had shown a tendency to be aggressive.

Despite this, victims still need to prove the owner was aware of the dog’s violent history in their injury claim. Our role as your injury representation is to gather all the information available to bolster your claim against a dog owner.

To prove an owner was negligent in these cases, we will work to demonstrate that the owner did not take reasonable measures to prevent a bite from occurring. Common examples of these mistakes include letting a dog roam without a leash, not putting a muzzle on a dog with a bite history, and not restraining or removing a dog that is presenting signs of aggression. We will also act on your behalf to collect evidence such as witness testimonies, medical reports, and expert statements, which are vital in establishing negligence.

Where Your Compensation Comes From

A bite can result in a wide range of injuries, spanning from minor bruises to catastrophic injuries. Typical injuries include punctures, lacerations, infections, scarring, and, in more serious cases, broken bones or nerve damage. Emotional trauma is also frequent among dog bite victims and should be considered when pursuing a claim.

In most cases, the dog owner’s insurance (either homeowner’s or renter’s) covers the costs of these damages. If the owner does not have insurance, we may be able to seek compensation directly from the owner to cover costs such as medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs.

Do Not Go Through Your Claim Alone

A dog bite can lead to serious consequences for your health and future. When someone else is responsible for your injuries, let us hold them responsible for your recovery. Call us at 214-945-8026 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation with us today. Hablamos Español.