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Getting Help Through Premises Liability Claims

Any property owner in Texas has a legal obligation to ensure their property is safe for visitors. When an owner fails to keep their property safe, they are liable for the resulting injuries. Whether you were hurt in an accident such as a slip and fall, an incident due to negligent security, dog attacks, a swimming pool accident, or other incidents, you need help from an experienced attorney to hold the property owner accountable.

At Link & Associates, our lawyers are proud to help the Dallas community with their premises liability claims. Our extensive experience in these cases can guide you through your claim with as little difficulty as possible, no matter the cause of your injuries.

Common Causes Of These Accidents

In the event of a slip and fall, whether it was because of an unattended spill or an uneven walkway, the property owner may be held responsible. Likewise, if you were hurt because a property owner leaves their property with inadequate lighting, lack of security personnel, or faulty locks and alarms that lead to assault or theft, you might be able to file a claim against them for lack of property security. Injuries from dog bites can fall under these claims if the dog was unprovoked or the owner failed to keep the dog from harming others.

How To Properly File A Claim

Too many people assume that filing a claim with the insurance company for the injuries is the same as filing a personal injury claim. In fact, it may be possible for you to seek compensation from the insurance company as well as the property owner. We can take a look at your unique situation to confirm your options. No matter what the nature of your injuries are, you only have two years from the injury date to file a claim, so be sure you contact us to start your injury claim right away.

Leave Your Claim With Our Team

If you suffered an injury on someone else’s property, contact us today to review your options for pursuing the fair and full compensation you deserve. Call us at 214-945-8026 or email us here to start your claim today.