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Third-Party Claims After Workplace Injuries

Sustaining an injury on the job can lead to a maze of questions and concerns. In addition to your workers’ compensation benefits, you may be able to secure additional compensation from another party that was involved in your accident. At Link & Associates, we handle third-party claims related to workplace injuries, guiding you through the complexities of the legal system to ensure your rights are protected.

Third-party claims result when an entity separate from your employer is responsible for your workplace injury. Whether you were hurt by a negligent subcontractor or another party that contributed to your injury, we can help you hold them accountable. Unlike workers’ compensation, third-party claims allow for the recovery of damages such as pain and suffering, which are not covered under workers’ compensation policies.

Defending Your Rights

Many employees fear losing their jobs due to an injury or filing these claims. You need to know that employers cannot legally terminate your employment simply because you’ve been injured or started seeking compensation for a construction injury in another job field. Reporting a workplace injury is well within your rights, and there are laws that prohibit any retaliation in these cases.

These claims can address the full spectrum of your losses, both economic and noneconomic, offering a more comprehensive form of recovery than workers’ compensation alone, but it is important to act fast in these cases. In Texas, you typically have two years from the date of the injury to file a third-party claim, which means waiting too long can cost you the compensation you deserve.

We Will Stand Up For You

If you’re facing the aftermath of a workplace injury and believe a third party is at fault, let us help you navigate the process. Our attorneys understand the challenges of these claims and are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve to cover the costs of your injuries and losses.

Don’t let the fear of retaliation or the confusion of third-party claims keep you from seeking justice. Contact us today and secure a team of lawyers who will stand up for your rights, ensuring that your voice is heard and your losses are addressed. Call us at 214-945-8026 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.